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New markets for city carriers, network operators and energy suppliers

High-speed networks for internet, TV and telephony

HFC Broadband Solutions from AXING and DEV Systemtechnik provide low-cost, multi-gigabit capable broadband network solutions from a single source – from signal supply to in-house delivery

The benefit to your customers:
High-speed network for internet, TV and telephony

The increasing demand for broadband connectivity for businesses and private households presents major challenges to providers and communities, while offering great opportunities for opening up new markets and ensuring customer loyalty. The use of innovative solutions for internet and telecommunications puts regional network operators and city carriers in a position to provide highly competitive services.

HFC Broadband Solutions product portfolio overview
DVB headend
IPTV streamer
Remote MAC-PHY
CATV amplifier
Micro Fibre Node
Passive components
RF matrix
Play Video

Here‘s how you can benefit from our solutions already now

High-speed internet, crystal-clear telephony

Coming to your home at the maximum data transmission rate – easily and cleanly

Working, communicating or informing – digitalization is everywhere, and the internet has become indispensable. Unrestricted access to data from any location inside the flat or home is expected as standard. To allow all our customers high-speed access to the internet, we are working with different innovative technologies.

The result:

Internet, television and telephony at the highest level, that is, in optimum quality while ensuring crystal-clear reception and low latency times. Noticeable loading times are something of the past.

You customers are going to love this

  • Network data rates of up to 10 Gbps
  • Reliable and high-speed transmission, minimal latency
  • Optimum conditions, for example, for online games and Virtual Private Network
  • State-of-the-art internet, telephony and television in a single connection

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