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IPTV Streamer

Best processing for satellite, terrestrial or cable signals. Easy to programme, maintain and quick to install.

Converters from DVB TV signals to IPTV streams

All streamers can receive DVB-S/S2/S2x/T/T2/C and stream the selected programmes in SPTS or MPTS. In addition, a central decoding of Pay-TV channels is possible.

This allows you to receive TV and radio programmes via satellite, terrestrial antenna or cable TV. The selected programmes are converted into IPTV streams and can thus be distributed in the IP network.


  • Independent multi-tuner inputs
  • Transmodulation from
    DVB-S/S2/S2x/T/T2/C to SPTS/MPTS
  • Export of an M3U playlist
  • H.264 encoding or H.265 (HEVC) encoding
  • Integration in the AXING SMARTPortal possible
  • Supports SNMP

Product versions:

  • MIP 8-00 Streamer 8-way
  • MIP 8-06 Streamer 8-way with Common Interface
  • MIP 16-00 Streamer 16-way
  • MIP 16-06 Streamer 16-way with Common Interface