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CATV amplifier

Broadband amplifier for cable tv and data

Specially tailored to the requirements of CATV network level 4

AXING amplifiers are specifically tailored to the requirements of CATV network operators. The different performance classes enable distribution systems in almost any size. Intelligent adjustment options allow adaptation to a wide range of network conditions.
The product range remains clear and the number of products in stock and service is reduced.


  • Attenuation and equalization adjustable via board switch or level control
  • Interstage attenuation and equalization pluggable with jumpers
  • Upstream amplification integrated or pluggable
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with built-in power supply
  • Measuring sockets at input and output
  • Certified by Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

Produkt versions

  • Different performance classes with 20…40 dB gain, up to 111 dBµV output level
  • Frequenzbereiche im Downstream 1006/1218 MHz
  • Local or remote power supply