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Micro Fibre Node

Converters and amplifiers for optical feed into the coaxial network

Optical Fibre Node

The Micro Fibre Node ONX 1550-xx is suitable for FTTH-/FTTB applications. Due to the good technical parameters, such as the extremely low-noise optical receiver, the Micro Fibre Node can be used for many applications. It has an active output and is intended for analogue modulated optical networks. The nodes are available for different return path ranges and laser versions.

The ONX platform is designed to be future-proof. New variants and functions can be generated in the form of assembly versions.


  • Low-noise optical receiver
  • constant RF output level for the optical operating range through OLC function
  • Adjustable interstage equalisation and upstream attenuation
  • Die-cast aluminium housing with measuring sockets for upstream and downstream

Product versions:

  • Return path range up to  65 MHz, 85 MHz or 204 MHz
  • Return channels with 1310 nm or 1610 nm wave length
  • DFB or FP laser for return path