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“All-purpose weapon DOCSIS” – in combination with Remote-CCAP, DOCSIS is a versatile problem solver for the hospitality sector

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Benedikt Breuer

Intl. Key Account Manager HFC Networks at Axing group

“All-purpose weapon DOCSIS” – in combination with Remote-CCAP, DOCSIS is a versatile problem solver for the hospitality sector

Fully digital networks are the future! In building distribution systems, one usually addresses Ethernet cabling when it comes to distributing data from the Internet service provider in the building.

The charming thing about current DOCSIS solutions for network level 4 and in-house networks based on CMTS/Remote-CCAP is that this professional technology has become much more attractive in price in recent years. This makes it possible to avoid a complete switch to Ethernet cabling if coaxial cable distribution is available. Above a certain number of rooms, patients, users or WiFi access points, this technology is even cheaper than alternative techniques, and with better quality.

Since DOCSIS was designed for use by large network operators, a large home distribution system with CMTS/Remote-CCAP can be regarded as a “cable network in miniature” and thus benefit from the high performance and professionalism.

Even on a small scale, it is possible to use existing antenna networks and makes them multi-gigabit capable. While the main requirement for network operators is high data rates that can be sold to a customer, the requirements in hospitality projects are completely different. Operators of facilities rarely desire a specific data rate in every room. Instead, comprehensive WiFi coverage is needed. Uninterrupted WiFi when moving through the facility with a tablet, multiple WiFis (SSIDs) e.g. for residents, visitors, administration and medical staff are also important. In addition, parallel to the normal TV supply with linear TV, you also want to offer your visitors / residents / patients on-demand content (e.g. video explanations of surgical procedures or training activities). Last but not least, even IPTV can be a requirement. At the latest, if a middleware is to be used that welcomes each guest individually on the TV set, provides interactive content, prepares daily updated information or gives the guest ordering and reservation options, an IPTV solution must be aimed for. This can be done as an alternative or in addition to the classic television supply. Ultimately, DOCSIS provides a data highway via the existing antenna network, whereby the network is in no way inferior to a pure Ethernet cabling.

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CMTS / Remote-CCAP for the hospitality sector