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Reception at the highest level

Products in proven Swiss quality from AXING

Having your own cable network using DVB headends and modulators or using the traditional SAT-IF distribution and much more – with innovative, professional solutions your customers get that little bit extra. For example, by providing:

AXING headends

Optimum processing for satellite, terrestrial or cable signals. Easy to program and maintain, and quick to mount.

With a headend station, you can receive TV programmes via satellite, DVB-T antenna or cable TV. It is also possible to feed in HDMI sources such as cameras or PCs.

The audio-video signals are converted into IP streams by our streamers. In addition, Pay-TV channels can be decoded centrally. This allows the programmes to be distributed in an IP data network. Middleware or special televisions are often used to manage and conveniently display the IPTV programmes.

Alternatively, modulation in DVB-C or DVB-T is possible. This allows the signals to be distributed via analogue fibre optic or coaxial cable. Standard television sets are sufficient for reception.

For the conversion from IPTV to DVB we offer our IPQAM headends.

AXING CATV accessories

Active and passive components for modern and reliable in-house multimedia distribution

AXING supplies the entire range of components for the distribution of TV and DOCSIS signals. From amplifiers to coaxial cables to the socket.

The different performance classes enable distribution systems of almost any size. Intelligent adjustment options enable adaptation to the most varied network conditions.

AXING HFC Fibre Node

The solution for analogue optical FTTB/FTTH applications in various return path versions (65/85/204 MHz)

With AXING Micro-Fibre-Nodes, buildings with coaxial cable networks can be connected to a fibre optic cable with analogue modulation. Due to the good technical parameters, such as the extremely low-noise optical receiver, the Micro-Fibre-Node can be used for many applications.

For your security:

  • Measuring services for the network and in-house distribution
  • AND-supported planning of extensions, upgrades and optimizations of the coaxial network
  • Provision of the required basic equipment
  • With the standardized, globally present and mature DOCSIS protocol, you are on the safe side
Compelling advantages
  • Solutions that are easy to handle and assemble
  • Large warehouse with efficient logistics for short delivery times
  • Consistent high quality
  • Ecological technology
  • Flexibility thanks to a large variety of products
  • Favourable financing options
  • Technical service/after-sales support