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Accessories for the distribution of RF signals in coaxial cable networks Active and passive components for signal distribution For the transmission types terrestrial, broadband cable (CATV) and SAT IF, we provide accessories that cover all installation areas between the SAT antenna or the house transfer… Read More »Accessories

IPTV Streamer

Best processing for satellite, terrestrial or cable signals. Easy to programme, maintain and quick to install. Converters from DVB TV signals to IPTV streams All streamers can receive DVB-S/S2/S2x/T/T2/C and stream the selected programmes in SPTS or MPTS. In addition, a central decoding of Pay-TV… Read More »IPTV Streamer

HDMI Encoder

HDMI encoder

With encoders it is possible to convert signals from HDMI sources to IPTV (SPTS). Conversion for HDMI source on IPTV streams AXING encoders can convert HDMI signals up to 1080p 60Hz into IPTV streams. Encoders for the codecs H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) are available. Further… Read More »HDMI encoder



SPTS or MPTS in DVB-C, DVB-T or DVB-T2 Converter from IPTV streams to DVB-C / DVB-T Sometimes it is useful to convert TV programmes in a headend into IP streams. Because this way distributed networks can be well connected. Due to the fast fibre optic… Read More »IPQAM (Edge-QAM)

dvb headend mk

DVB headend

Conversion of any satellite, cable or terrestrial signal to DVB-C or DVB-T Converter with multi-tuner for DVB-C/DVB-T feed The MK 8-xx and MK 16-xx headends have 8 and 16 multituner inputs respectively. The MK 8-06 and MK 16-06 have six CI slots in addtion, allowing… Read More »DVB headend



Cloud-based application for configuration, monitoring and remote maintenance Configuration, maintenance, updates, error analysis The AXING SMARTPortal provides easy remote access to the web configuration interfaces of the AXING headends and middleware servers. This allows the configuration of settings or software updates from anywhere. Long journeys… Read More »SMARTPortal

L-Band Matrix Switches

Modular and configurable matrix switches with optical and electrical ports L-Band Distributing Matrix Archimedes Matrix Switch for the L-Band The product line of L-Band matrix switches from DEV Systemtechnik includes sizes from 4×4 matrices in various configurations up to 64×64 ports. The system can be… Read More »L-Band Matrix Switches

Micro Fibre Node

Converters and amplifiers for optical feed into the coaxial network Optical Fibre Node The Micro Fibre Node ONX 1550-xx is suitable for FTTH-/FTTB applications. Due to the good technical parameters, such as the extremely low-noise optical receiver, the Micro Fibre Node can be used for… Read More »Micro Fibre Node

RF over Fibre


For bundling analog optical signals and transmission up to 200 km via optical fiber (RF over Fiber – RFoF) with redundancy switch Transmitter and receiver (links) Optribution  Optribution enables the direct optical transmission of analogue RF signals via optical fibre – from the VHF/UHF or… Read More »Optribution

CATV amplifier

Broadband amplifier for cable tv and data Specially tailored to the requirements of CATV network level 4 AXING amplifiers are specifically tailored to the requirements of CATV network operators. The different performance classes enable distribution systems in almost any size. Intelligent adjustment options allow adaptation… Read More »CATV amplifier

Modulo RF headend platform


Modular HFC headend platform that combines versatile solutions, devices and modules in one highly configurable unit DEV MODULO HFC – 5 U chassis with active & passive modules and power supply Modular system for HFC headends With MODULO HFC CMTS, TV, broadcast or narrowcast signals… Read More »Modulo

Distributed CCAP Remote MAC PHY


  Centrally manageable converters to DOCSIS and DVB-C, fed by optical or electrical IP signals for subsequent distribution via coaxial cable systems of the RF signals   Remote-MACPHY Node for Distributed-CCAP  The Distributed CCAP Node is a high-performance and cost-effective cable network edge device, which… Read More »Remote-MACPHY