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Modular HFC headend platform that combines versatile solutions, devices and modules in one highly configurable unit

Modulo HFC headend platform
DEV MODULO HFC - 5 U chassis with active & passive modules and power supply

Modular system for HFC headends

With MODULO HFC CMTS, TV, broadcast or narrowcast signals can be multiplexed, combined, split, switched and transmitted in broadband cable networks.

DEV’s modular solution allows a variety of configurations for different distribution scenarios using a common frame, controller, power supply and management. This allows customized transmission of RF signals.

Moduls for upstream and downstream with controller

With MODULO you can put together everything you need to operate an HFC headend according to your requirements. You can choose from active modules for upstream/downstream as well as power supply, controller and amplifier. Identical passive modules for combiners and splitters reduce inventory costs.


  • High module density and modular, flexible design
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of active components (WEB, SNMP)
  • Local operation via display
  • Fully DOCSIS 3.1 compliant
  • Components for headend, POP or hub
  • Components for the optical connection between headend / hub and fiber node
  • All components support downstreams up to 1218 MHz and upstreams up to 204 MHz
  • All components meet the shielding class EN 50083-2, A+10 dB

Product modules

  • Splitter/Combiner 1×1:8/8:1
  • Splitter/Combiner 2×1:4/4:1
  • Splitter/Combiner 3×1:2/2:1
  • Equalizer
  • Downstream amplifier
  • Upstream amplifier
  • Power supplies
  • A/B Auto Sensing redundancy switch
  • EDFA boost amplifier
  • Controller unit
  • Chassis / frame with 1U / 2U / 3U / 5U