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Converter from IPTV streams to DVB-C / DVB-T

Sometimes it is useful to convert TV programmes in a headend into IP streams. Because this way distributed networks can be well connected. Due to the fast fibre optic networks, some network operators only offer TV and multimedia in IP.

New headends are then required for hotels, hospitals or residential complexes with DVB-C/T/T2 terminals: IPQAM and IP to DVB-T2. Of course, the conversion of IP to DVB-C is also interesting for network operators, antenna communities, city carriers and the housing industry if the TV content is distributed via IP in their own network or obtained from other operators.

The EdgeQAM devices support SPTS or MPTS at the input, which can be processed simultaneously. The software enables simple re-multiplexing of incoming streams so that individual programme lists can be compiled. As a multiplex, the programmes are distributed in a channel-economic way. Depending on the product version, the output channels can be modulated as DVB-C / DVB-T (for IPQAM) or DVB-T2 (for IP to DVB-T2).



  • Two redundant IPTV inputs
  • Supports SPTS/MPTS on the input
  • Re-multiplexing, PID filtering
  • Output modulation DVB-C, DVB-T or DVB-T2
  • Up to 32 output channels per unit (QAM)
  • Suitable for the AXING SMARTPortal
  • Supports SNMP for Monitoring
  • Two redundant power supply units (hot pluggable)


  • MIE 8-00 IPQAM
  • MIE 16-00 IPQAM
  • MIE 32-00 IPQAM
  • MIM 16-00 extension for MIE 8-00 / 16-00


  • MIE 4-02 IP to DVB-T2 | 4K | 47,7 Mbps
  • MIE 8-02 IP to DVB-T2 | 4K | 47,7 Mbps
  • MIM 4-02 extension modul for MIE 4-02


  • MIE 3-02 IP to DVB-T2 | 8Kext | 49,8 Mbps
  • MIE 6-02 IP to DVB-T2 | 8Kext | 49,8 Mbps
  • MIM 3-02 extension modul for MIE 3-02