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Accessories for the distribution of RF signals in coaxial cable networks


Active and passive components for signal distribution

For the transmission types terrestrial, broadband cable (CATV) and SAT IF, we provide accessories that cover all installation areas between the SAT antenna or the house transfer point up to the end devices.

Active components such as SAT-antenna and multi-switches are mainly used for feeding into headen stations. For passive signal distribution in network level 4, we offer multimedia sockets, coaxial cables, splitters and taps.


  • Highly shielded parts in Class A +10 dB according to EN 50083-2
  • Mature products, ISO 9001 certified quality management
  • High availability

Product types:

  • SAT antennas and LNBs
  • SAT multi-switch
  • Splitters and taps
  • Coaxial cable
  • Multimedia sockets
  • Earthing and potential equalisation
  • Connectors and assembly tools