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For bundling analog optical signals and transmission up to 200 km via optical fiber (RF over Fiber – RFoF) with redundancy switch

Transmitter and receiver (links)


Optribution enables the direct optical transmission of analogue RF signals via optical fibre – from the VHF/UHF or L-band, depending on the model. This allows both terrestrial and satellite signals to be converted. A direct connection to an optical LNB is possible. 16 different CWDM wavelengths, or 48 different DWDM wavelengths can be used to be transmitted over a single optical fibre after a multiplexer (dark fibre). For further signal distribution, the Optribution System offers splitters, amplifiers, redundancy switches and various housings.

The system is modular and allows complex circuits. The redundant configurations and monitoring functions such as SNMP ensure reliable signal transport over long distances of up to 200 km.

Indoor chassis with links
Outdoor chassis with links, power supply and controller
Indoor chassis with links, multiplexers, power supply and controller


  • RF over Fibre links for distances up to 32 dB attenuation (200 km)

  • LNB power supply and monitoring

  • Supports CWDM up to 16 wave lengths, DWDM up to 48

  • Connectors SC/APC, FC/APC or E2000 HRL

  • Monitoring via DEV Web or SNMP

Product versions

  • Links (Tx / Rx) for different frequency ranges, single and twin versions
  • Multiplexer and splitter
  • Amplifier
  • Chassis (indoor / outdoor) with controller and redundant power supply unit