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HDMI encoder

With encoders it is possible to convert signals from HDMI sources to IPTV (SPTS).

Conversion for HDMI source on IPTV streams

AXING encoders can convert HDMI signals up to 1080p 60Hz into IPTV streams. Encoders for the codecs H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) are available. Further distribution is then possible in the IP network.


  • Web-based configuration
  • Suitable for the AXING SMARTPortal
  • Two redundant power supply units (hot pluggable)
  • H.264-Encoding or H.265 (HEVC) -Encoding

Product versions:

  • HKI 41-34 H.264 IPTV Encoder 4-way
  • HKI 41-35 H.265 IPTV Encoder 4-way
  • HKI 81-34 H.264 IPTV Encoder 8-way
  • HKI 81-35 H.265 IPTV Encoder 8-way